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About me


Canadians are typically known for their quiet politeness and kind ways.  Canada has very cold winters and comfortable summers.  You might also have heard about some of it’s larger cities like Toronto known for its multiculturalism, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal or Quebec City Where the population is predominantly French speaking.  There is more to this great country that stretches from the United States in its south to the Arctic circle in its north then you might have heard about.  Canada has a history of some amazing innovations in many areas.  Canada has had many innovations in the areas of music, actors, sports and science inventions.  Many of their innovations have impacted people around the world!


In this blog I will discuss some of the great innovations that have come out of Canada.  Canada has some great Universities and talent and my goal is to highlight some of the great things that Canada has exported.  There is so much that they have created but it is not commonly recognized.  Below are some of the topics that I will be covering in my blog.

  • Sports that came from Canada – You would be surprised to learn about the variety of sports that originated in Canada.  Some sports were invented in Canada and some were popularized by individuals from Canada.
  • Technological inventions that made it easier for people to communicate – There are an amazing number of significant inventions that have made it much easier for us to communicate with each other.  You probably don’t know these great inventions came from Canada.  Some of the more well known inventions that have been used throughout the world and made a big impact.  Some of these are the pager, the telephone, the 56 k modem and more!
  • Celebrities that have innovated in the area of music, acting and film – There are so many celebrities that have hailed from Canada you will be amazed at who is from Canada. Clearly Canada has talent!
  • Universities in Canada where significant inventions have been created – There are some great Universities throughout Canada and many of their Science departments have many important discoveries and inventions to improve the world. University of Toronto in particular has made some very important discoveries in their computer science and chemistry departments.  There are many other great universities in Canada making science discoveries besides the University of Toronto.  Some of these Universities are: Mcmasters University, University of British Columbia, McGill University to name a few.
  • Innovations from Canada that have made life around the world easier – There are many inventions that have come out of Canada such as Easy on oven cleaner, alkaline batteries the caulking gun and more!

Canada is a special country with some amazing scientists working on new innovations all the time.  I hope to share a glimpse of all of Canada’s past and future achievements in the areas of science, technology, film and more in this blog.  Keep an eye on my future posts to discover about all of the great things Canada has to offer.