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There are many great Canadian Innovations that have been shared with the world and made people’s lives easier and better.  I have shared many posts about innovations that made life easier for all of us along with making it easier to communicate.  Today I am going to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian innovations.

  1. What are some of the inventions that have made life easier?

There have been many amazing inventions that have come out of Canada that have made our life easier.  One example is Easy – Off Oven Cleaner – this great invention has made cleaning your oven so much simpler.  Just spray and leave for five minutes then wipe down and presto clean oven!

  1. I am interested in knowing about sports that have been started in Canada, can you tell me about some of the sports created by Canadians?

A couple of popular sports that were created by Canadians are Hockey and Basketball.  These very popular sports got their roots in Canada.  Ice Hockey was invented out of a field game that eventually was played on Ice and took off becoming Canada’s national sport.  Basketball was created by a physical education teacher – James Naismith in 1891.  This sport has become huge in the United States with thousands and thousands of fans watching games every year.

  1. What are some of the technological advances that helped us communicate with each other that came from Canada?

There are many communication tools that have come out of Canada or were created by Canadians.  A few of them are the Pager, the Walkie Talkie and the famous blackberry.  The pager has been used by doctors around the world to alert them to patients that need attention.  The Walkie talkie was originally called a “Packset” and then was developed for military use.  It is now used by many people including kids who love to play with toy Walkie talkies for hours!  The blackberry was the first popularized type of smart phone that had text and was used widely by businesses around the world.

  1. Who are some of the famous actors and musicians who are Canadian?

There are many, many famous actors and musicians from Canada.  Some of the famous musicians that you have probably heard of are singer Drake who is from Toronto, the band Rush and Sarah McLaughlin.  There are many other musicians famous musicians, Canada is definitely musically talented!  There are many famous actors and film makers from Canada, a few you have probably heard of are: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, James Cameron and Martin Short.  Canada has talent and this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the famous actors you probably know of.

  1. What is an invention that has improved the life of people that was discovered in Canada?

Insulin was discovered in Canada and has made the treatment of diabetes possible improving the quality of life for diabetics.

  1. Have there been any agricultural discoveries in Canada?

Yes, many!  One example is the Mcintosh Apple now eaten by hundreds of thousands of people.

  1. You mentioned there were great innovations from the University of Toronto, what is one of them?

One incredible discovery was the creation of a test to help detect diabetes earlier than any other test can predict today.

  1. What is another University that has had a big discovery and what is it?

At University of Guelph there was a vaccine created to treat C. Difficile.  This can help save many people from an awful illness

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