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Great Innovations from Great Canadian Universities – A highlight on McGill University and University of Guelph

When you look at the inventions created in Canadian Universities it is really astounding.  There have been so many discoveries in Canadian Universities that have changed the way people’s lives are lived for the better.  From the discovery of Insulin and stem cells to tests to predict the spread of cancer and the first artificial blood cells.  These and all the other great discoveries have made a big impact on the world.  Today I will review some highlights of great discoveries at McGill University and University of Guelph in Canada.


  1. At the University of Guelph they have the Catalyst Centre which is specifically set up to promote research and innovations to help improve life. The organization works with faculty and students to help protect their intellectual property and find funding opportunities to further their ideas.  Some of the great innovations from University of Guelph are below:
  • Creation of a Carbohydrate based vaccine to treat C. Difficile. Difficile is an infection that causes severe diarrhea and can be life threatening especially in older adults.  These infections are becoming more prevalent in recent years.  This new vaccine was created by a team led by Professor Mario Monteiro from the University of Guelph’s Department of Chemistry.  The vaccine will help control the infection and spread of C. Difficile.  This is an important and significant discovery.


  • A fully Compostable single- serve coffee chaff-based resin – These coffee pods can make a huge difference in the waste being produced by all the single serve pods and k-cups being used around the world. Hundreds of Thousands of people use these and they are currently not biodegradable and can’t be composted.  This product created by Engineering and Plant Agriculture Professor Amar Mohanty and his team at the University of Guelph Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre will surely make a big impact on the world and the environment.  These pods are made of 100 percent Compostable resin and are already in Canadian grocery stores.


  • Early Yellow Soybean – In 1898 after years of experimentation with various Japanese soybeans lines Professor Charles Zavitz cultivated a yellow soybean that could be successfully bred in Canada and set the stage for future soybean advancement and breeding. It was the beginning of the University of Guelph’s role in cutting edge Agriculture.
  • OAC 21 barley – This grandad of malting barley was created in 1910 by Professor Charles Zavitz. It gave Canada a leading edge on high quality beer and whisky production.  There are many varieties now but they can all be traced by to the OAC 21 barley
  • Victor Sweet Cherry – This was created in 1925 by breeder George Dickson. This cherry did very well in Ontario, Canada’s climate.  The University of Guelph has a Vineland program where they have since created 13 other varieties that are well suited for the environment.


  1. McGill University is considered 1st in Canada for Medical-doctoral Universities and is ranked 24th in the world. It is a top information technology school.  There have been many discoveries at McGill throughout the years that have changed the world for the better.  It has a reputation for being a month the best research-intensive universities in the world.  Some of their innovations and discoveries are below:
  • The Gas Mask – was created by Dr. Clunky MacPherson during the First World War. This mask would be used by many soldiers to protect them from dangerous gasses on the battlefield.


  • Montreal Procedure – This surgery was developed in the 1930’s by Doctor Wilder Penfield to help treat severe case of epilepsy. During surgery the patients were given anesthesia but were fully awake and he used mild electric shocks to help find the area of the brain that was causing seizures.  This was the beginning of brain mapping and learning what parts of the brain worked with what functions.  Doctors have worked from these beginnings to make great strides in neuroscience.


There are many other great innovations from these and other Canadian Universities that have been shared with the world.  Canada is certainly a trailblazer of innovations.

Canadians are typically known for their quiet politeness and kind ways. Canada has very cold winters and comfortable summers.

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