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8 Canadian innovations that made life easier for all of us!

You will be surprised by all the amazing innovations that have come out of Canada.  Canada is known for their easy going soft spoken ways.  They have a reputation for being polite and the weather is known to be quite snowy in the winter.  What they are not readily known for are all their innovations that they have quietly discovered and given to the world.  Below are 8 of these great innovations that have made life easier.


  1. Easy Off Oven Cleaner

This useful product was created in 1932 by Herbert McCool.  The Easy off Oven Cleaner makes life so much easier for bakers and cooks everywhere.  Within 5 minutes of spraying easy off on your dirty oven you can easily wipe it off and have a sparkling clean oven!  Where would we be without this?!


  1. Alkaline Batteries

This amazing invention was created by Lewis Urry in 1954.  Where would we be without this amazing invention from Canada?  This handy invention powers so many of our everyday items that we would not be where we are today if we didn’t have them.  Imagine we wouldn’t be able to have wireless remotes, game controllers, flashlights, remote control cars, portable radios and so many more things we use every day! Thank goodness for this Canada innovation!


  1. Caulking gun

The caulking gun was invented in 1894 by Theodore Witte.  This great invention makes life a lot easier if you are working on a caulking project!  If you have ever tried to caulk around your tub or tile you know how helpful it is to use a caulking gun.  It makes the project go much smoother and it helps the caulk come out evenly and easier!


  1. The Jolly Jumper

This amazing toddler toy was created by Olivia Poole in 1959 and parents everywhere are thankful!  This inventions let’s toddlers jump to their hearts content and allows parents to get a few things done while their happily jumping toddler jumps for joy.  As a parent I know firsthand how great this invention is.  Toddlers love to jump and many toddlers will want to do it for hours.  Having the jolly jumper allows them to enjoy themselves and parents to unload the dishwasher or fold some clothes while they watch their happy toddler jumping!


  1. Plexiglass

This invention was created by William Chalmers at McGill University in 1831.  This invention makes our life not only easier but safer!  Many products that are plexiglass used to be glass and if they broke it could be quite dangerous! Plexiglass eliminates the issue of broken glass.


  1. Canola Oil

This was created in the early 1970’s by Keith Downey and Baldur Stafansson.  While this is probably not the healthiest invention it is certainly a product that has made producing food easier and made cooking easier.


  1. Peanut butter

Where would our lunches be without peanut butter and jelly or the famous fluffanutter combining peanut butter and fluff?!  Many children’s school lunches utilize peanut butter!  The process to commercially make peanut butter was invented by pharmacist Marcellos Gilmore Edson in 1884.  Thank goodness for this Canadian innovation!


  1. Egg Carton

This invention was created by Joseph Coyle of Smithers British Columbia in 1911.  The egg carton makes it so much easier for us to get our eggs home in one piece!  The carton protects each individual egg and is an easy to carry product helping us get the eggs from store to home safely.  It also is a convenient way to store our eggs once they are home.


As you can see there are many great scientific innovations that Canada has shared with the world.  Look for more posts on Canada’s inventions!

Canadians are typically known for their quiet politeness and kind ways. Canada has very cold winters and comfortable summers.

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