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Step towards Saving Nature: Science Schools in Canada

Canada was one of the first countries that took significant steps towards safeguarding the environment and restoring the ecological balance that foster better health and hence happiness among its people.  The most appreciable step that the Canadian Government has taken to preserve nature is the establishments of science schools throughout the country. These schools are usual schooling that is conducted in open areas and the objective of these schools are to give better exposures to the students on the aspect of environmental science, within the scopes of the regular academic curriculum.


How these science schools operate?

The environmental science schools extend the opportunity to the children to acquire significant knowledge about the natural aspects and foster the development of a connection with the nature.  In these schools, students are given encouragement to nurture their interest and natural skills as well as understanding through hands-on experience. Students are given the liberty play, create, build, imagine as well as experience the outdoor environment. The objective of these schools is to orient the students with the concept of sustainable development at a very early stage of life.

What are the principals of the science schools?

The prime objective of these schools is to boost the connection between the students and the nature. Classes are organized in spaces like creeks, forests, mountain slopes, shorelines and other natural backdrops. The school authorities ensure that the students attend sufficient classes against each of the natural backdrops so that they develop a real-time experience about the features of the space. The approach of science schools holds its foundation on the concept of place-based education and it objective is to encourage the development of engaged, vibrant, healthy as well as diversified communities. These schools identify and respect the competence of the children and aims towards the holistic development of the children.


What is the significance and importance of these schools in terms of national life?

As brilliantly explained by some of the ancient philosophers, education is the approach to manifest the completeness already in man, the aim of Canadian Government is to give the adequate support to the all-round development of the children. It has been seen that children that get good upbringing as infants, grows up as a better mankind. It is a fact that advancement of a nation is not merely its materialistic progress, but nurturing children so that they become a responsible citizen. These environmental science schools develop a connection between the infants and nature and they get to know how Mother Nature supports life. On the other hand, children get to know their responsibilities towards nature.

The connection that develops with nature as children will encourage the flock to take care of nature, even when they grow up. Hence, the country will have better ecological and environmental conditions that will foster better living and prosperity of the nation. Hence, the biggest benefit of these schools is that it creates a conducive social ambiance for sustainable development that provides a tremendous impetus to the prosperity and advancement of the country.

Canadians are typically known for their quiet politeness and kind ways. Canada has very cold winters and comfortable summers.

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