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Technological innovations from Canadians that made it easier to communicate

There are many great innovations from Canada and Canadians that have made life better and easier for many around the world.  Some of those innovations have made it easier for people to communicate with each other.  In this post I will share some of these great innovations that have improved communication around the world.


  1. AM Radio

While many people contributed to the theories that helped AM Radio begin but in 1906 Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian, used a rotary-spark transmitter for the first radio broadcast.  He performed experiments in radio and transmissions of voice and music that helped launch the AM Radio.


  1. The 56K Modem

This was invented by Brent Townshend in 1996.  Brent Townshend is a Canadian inventor and electrical engineer.  He created the concept for the 56k modem.   The 56k Modem helped computers communicate faster and transmit more information to each other.    The computers could transfer data at higher speeds.


  1. The Pager

The 1980’s were the height of pager use!  You used to see them everywhere you went.  These nifty communication tools were actually invented back in 1949 by Alfred J. Gross. He was a Canadian inventor born in Toronto.  Alfred Gross had created two way radios and he adapted them to create a telephone pager system.  The idea was that this would be used for Doctors to be paged.  His idea didn’t catch on right away but, as we now know they became used by many doctors throughout the world eventually.


  1. Computerized Braille

This helpful communication tool was created by Roland Galarneau in 1972.  Roland Garlareau was legally blind and was an electrical engineer.  He created a way for a machine to type Braille at a much faster rate than had previously been possible.  Before his inventions Braille had to be created through a long process that was very expensive.    This allowed visually impaired people to be able to have a much larger collection of books so there were a lot more choices available.  This was an extremely important discovery for people all around the world.


  1. Telephone

The telephone was invented by Scottish born Alexander Graham Bell who immigrated to Canada in 1870.  He was a teacher of the deaf.  In 1876 he obtained a patent for what would become the telephone.  He created the first transmission over a short range phone.   This amazing invention has evolved over the years from a simple communication device, to hundreds of thousands of people having their own number, to mobile cell phones, to today’s smart phones.  It has revolutionized how people communicate.


  1. The Blackberry

This revolutionary phone was marketed by Mihal “Mike” Lazzardis who was the founder of the company Blackberry.  He was a Canadian who helped bring Blackberry to the world.  Blackberry brought texting to the world and changed how people used their phones throughout the world.


  1. Walkie Talkie

This amazing communication device was invented in 1937.  The inventor Don Hings, a Canadian, originally called it a “pack set”.  Two years later when Canada went to war with Germany he developed it for military use.  During this time the term Walkie – Talkie was created by journalists who were reporting about the war and these new inventions.

All of these technological communication inventions that were created by Canadians have helped communication throughout the world.  These inventions have helped revolutionize the way the world communicates today.  The Canadian inventors of these great communication devices have helped make the world a more global community and made communicating with each other much easier no matter where you are.


Keep an eye out for more posts about the great innovations of Canadians.

Canadians are typically known for their quiet politeness and kind ways. Canada has very cold winters and comfortable summers.

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